Starting as a family carpentry workshop, Akazawa Choyo was established 210 years ago.
Since then we have created Buddhist altars and fittings with high consciousness for the craftsmanship and the constant application to elevate our productions to art pieces.
This long expertise brought to Akazawa Choyo an international recognition as well as new challenges form emergent business fields.


Edo Period: Relocated to Edo (Tokyo) in supervision of restoration work
on Nikko Toshogu.

The history of Akazawa Choyo stretches back to the Muromachi Period.
We began as a family carpenter business specializing in temples, shrines (inner temple carpentry), and worked on sculptures of Buddhist statues, and the construction of inner temples.

Put in charge of the restorative construction of the Nikko Tosho-gu, and moved to Edo as a patron Buddhist image maker.


Former head of the business Chojiro Akazawa: learning from Ko’un Takamura and Cho’un Yamazaki,
expand the bounds of fine arts and crafts through work on Buddhist altars and fittings.

Two generations ago Asajiro Akazawa graduated from the Tokyo School of the Arts (currently Tokyo University of the Arts) after which he studied under the sculptors Koun Takamura and Choun Yamazaki. With his sublime talent as a sculptor, Asajiro have elevated Buddhist statues and fittings into an art.

Moved from Kyobashi, Chuo Ward to Takahara-cho, Taito Ward (currently Tawaramachi).
Shifted from private practice into a company. We began as Sam Poh. Tong Akazawa Choyo Buddhist Goods Shop YK (registered December 12, 1941).
At Soka Gakkai request, craft cabinet-style altars to be used in places of worship
20 April 1951
Published an ad in the first edition of The Seikyo Shimbun. We have continued to publish ads there to the present.


Former heads Takeshi Akazawa and Mikio Shibata formulate the current style of
Buddhist altars for Soka Gakkai.

Takeru Akazawa and Mikio Shibata, the next generation who succeeded Asajiro's technique, invented the "Soka Gakkai Buddhist altar style" used today. He began the motorization of altars, and in 1985, completed the first ever motor driven door on a miniature altar. In 1979, he also started to develop the business overseas, mostly in Asia.

November 1952
Shifts into a stock company.
Takeshi Akazawa appointed as Representative Director.
March 1975
Completed new company building.
The Choyo Memorial Hall and wedding venue opens.
Began sales of Buddhist altars and fittings abroad, starting with Asian countries.
April 1983
Increased capital to 80 million yen.
Began work on the miniature altar at SGI (overseas) prayer room.
Completed the first miniature altar with a motorized door.
Sales of three-color goods begin.
July 1996
Mikio Shibata appointed as Representative Director.
Shiojiri, Nagano factory begins production (moved from Iriya).
Reached our 200th year in business.
Opened our homepage.
Began accepting internship students from Soka Gakkai University.
Opened online sales at the "Akazaha Choyo Online Shop".
Our 5-Year Warranty and Assurance is announced, the longest in the industry.
Launch of the AkaCho Eco Project.
Start of the first environmental initiative in the industry.
Launch of new bridal rental services.
Our mascot character is decided.
Announcement of a partnership with Yamato Transport Co.’s household goods delivery and establishment of a system by which we can rapidly and securely deliver Buddhist altars to locations nationwide.
Opening of our e-commerce site, Akazawa Choyo Rakuten Shop.
Opening of overseas e-commerce site, Butsudan-SGI.com.
Establishment of a public Facebook page.
Establishment of a Facebook page aimed at overseas customers.


Further expansion of traditional Japanese arts and crafts around the world.

To meet rapid growth in demand from abroad, we supply Buddhist altars and fittings to over 30 countries (as of 2019). In 2018, we initiated our new “a1805 Project.” We are involved in the development of new services and hybrid products in collaboration with other industries.

November 2013
Delivery to the Hall of the Great Vow for Kosen-rufu.
December 2013
Delivery to Kaikan - Ikeda Cultural Center for Peace.
February 2014
Delivery to the Singapore Soka Peace Centre.
September 2014
Delivery to the Manila International Peace Center.
July 2015
Nobushiro Shibata is promoted Managing Director.
September 2015
Delivery to Frankfurt Ikeda Peace Culture Centre.
November 2015
Delivery to New Mexico Community Center.
December 2015
Delivery to Penang Culture Centre.
March 2016
Delivery to the Togo Peace Center.
August 2016
Delivery to Argentine Women’s Center.
November 2016
Delivery to SGI Asia Culture and Education Centre (Malaysia).
October 2017
Delivery to the Taiwan Hualien Culture Center.
January 2018
Our Asakusa headquarters relocates to the second floor and reopens.
February 2018
Delivery to the Argentina Youth Center.
August 2018
Delivery to the Taiwan Pingtung Culture Center.
New project, a1805, begins.
Development of a line of household goods making use of the skills we use to produce Buddhist altars and fittings.
January 2019
Debut exhibit of a1805 at France’s Maison et Objet interior design fair.
Akazawa Choyo’s traditional crafts draw more attention.
May 2019
Our corporate site is renovated and reopened.