Our main store, a pioneer specialty store for Soka Gakkai Buddhist altars and fittings,
exhibits an abundant selection of products including shelf-top altars, furniture-style altars,
and altars for private assembly halls and venues.
We also offer lacquered and fully gilded cabinet altars.


The largest number of Buddhist altars on display in the region

We showcase a collection of Buddhist altars meticulously selected for their design, materials, and colors. We also exhibit examples of altars we have delivered to customers in the past, and our specialist staff can guide your selection process.

Popular ultra-low-profile shelf-top altars

“Notebook-Style” Buddhist altars

Lavish designs and colors

Home furnishing-style altars

Classical style rich in tradition

Cabinet-style altars

For private assembly halls and venues

Large Buddhist altars

Access Information

Location of head office
2F 2-10-10 Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0042
[hours: 10:00 – 18:30]
+81-(0)3-3847-6742 [24 hours reception]
Opening hours
hours: 10:00 – 18:30
[Thursday is a holiday]
Store manager
Hideaki Hukuzawa
1 minutes by walk from

"Tawaramachi" Station


Featured Points

Asakusa Area

Located in the Asakusa area, which is noted for Kaminarimon and the Hanayashiki Amusement Park. On weekends, this spot bustles with sightseers.

Replete with related products

We also offer a substantial selection of products related to Buddhist rites, such as LED candles, incense sticks, and prayer beads.

Services for Visitors from Abroad

We offer tax-exempt services aimed at travelers from abroad. Please feel free to ask our staff for more information.

Six promises from Akazawa Choyo main store

1. Assuring support

Assuring 5-Year Support Plan

Some form of maintenance will be necessary to ensure your product remains in the condition in which you purchased it. Akazawa Choyo supports its customers with an assuring 5-year warranty.

2. Substantial post-purchase service

We offer repair services and seismic reinforcement nationwide.

We are able to offer repair services anywhere in Japan. Our company ranks number one in repairs in the Buddhist altar industry for Soka Gakkai.

3. Delivery and installation service

We are able to ship, deliver, and install anywhere in Japan.

Free shipping is offered nationwide for Buddhist altars at a price of ¥8,400 (tax included) or above. Our furniture-style Buddhist altars and cabinet-style altars are not just delivered to your doorstep but installed at the location you designate within your home.

4. Collection and disposal

Replacing or Moving Your Altar

We are able to dispose of or transship your Buddhist altar when you purchase a new one. Please feel free to make an inquiry.

5. Services for children

Come to visit as a family

There is no need to worry about visiting our showroom as a family bringing children. We offer services that will allow you to peruse our offerings at your leisure.

6. Consultation for installation

We can install altars to suit your room.

Our staff are well-versed in installation techniques and knowledgeable about Buddhist altars. Feel free to consult us on any questions pertaining to Buddhist altars, whether furnishing-style or smaller.

Akazawa Choyo Online Store

We handle a wide range of altars, from traditional altars to fashionable miniature altars. We also offer an abundance of fittings and other related goods. Additionally, we also offer discount campaigns and information about sales.